Lockdown procedures imposed to protect the community against the rapid growth of COVID-19, young children are at risk for developing depressive and anxious symptoms.

We delivered 3 online coaching sessions from October to 7 November in 2020, specially designed to address the anxiety and psychological issues faced by young children in the UK at the face of COVID-19.

DBS Checked Resource Panel Dr Shanika Anthony, Health Psychologist & Psychological Therapist (MBBS,MSc, BSc, PGDip in Education & Child Development, PGC in CBT); Dr Binu Diyasena, General Physicians (MBBS,FRACGP,DCH,VDWH); Ven K.Kassapa Thero Mindfulness Teacher (BA,MA) delivered the sessions.

The sessions were explained step-by-step:

  • What is COVID-19?
  • Can children get the illness?
  • Why we are talking about and anxious about COVID-19?
  • Do we really need to get extra anxious, stressed, fear or panic?
  • What are the effects of COVID-19 affecting on health?
  • Are you allowing to have emotions?
  • What is not healthy?
  • How do we know emotions are too much?
  • How do we cope with emotions and overcome of it?

The program had visible immediate positive impact in reducing the level of anxiety and improving coping skills of young children

his program was supported by Surrey County Council Member’s Community Allocation funding and was allocated by Country Councillor Tim Evans.

These activities were part of the project Young Children focus coping Techniques to Reduce Anxiety in the face of COVID-19”.