We believe that creating opportunities for small producers in low and middle income countries, who have limited access to the markets is important for them to earn better income. Our “Eco homeware project” aims to support these small producers to reach international markets. ReDI has launched the brand Ceylon Cocona to promote sustainable and eco-friendly coconut based products to the European, American, Australian, Japanese and New Zealand markets. Purchasing Ceylon Cocona products will help with the creation of more jobs and more incomes for those with limited opportunity.

We work on the development of entire value chains to bring these eco-friendly products to the international market. “Ceylon Cocona” brand will bring a range of coconut products made out of different parts of coconut tree and aims to support thousands of poor and pro-poor people in the chains.

“I can make 15-20 broom a day, if there are buyers” said Piyasena who produce ekel broom.