ReDI focuses on a wide range of development issues related to human well-being and the environment. We generate evidence-based solutions through our research to the biggest challenges related to poverty, health, education, employment, food and agriculture, environment, climate change, water, energy, and community resilience to create positive change.

Our Projects

The project removes barriers to access to menstrual necessities and hygiene management education, while breaking the unbreakable myths and stigma. Poor menstrual

The Bamboo Canopy and Alternative Timber (BCAT) Project focuses on growing bamboo and promoting sustainable management and harvesting practices in Sri Lanka.

Understanding of emerging and future water security issues and conducting research to provide evidence of solutions is a global need. We at

At present more than 60% of the households in Sri Lanka use firewood for cooking. Use of firewood for cooking is higher

Poverty rate is rising in many cities in developing countries, and city residents face difficulties in securing fresh food. According to the

According to World Health Organization, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Sri Lanka cause more than75% of total deaths. NCDs has now become a